There is a reason why wines have been stored for hundreds of years in underground cellars, as these cellars provide the perfect atmosphere to preserve and age the wines! However, a real cellar is not available to everyone, especially in Hong Kong. So, here are just a few key notes to respect, to make sure your wine is kept in the best conditions possible.
Most bottles of wine (especially the colored ones) have UV filters integrated in them, but this will not be enough to protect the wine if it is constantly in plain light. If the wine is constantly in the light, it will affect its taste and texture as it will age prematurely. White wines are most sensitive to light exposure, while red wines are also sensitive if exposed to excessive light.
Ideal temperature for wine is usually between 12 and 13 degrees Celsius (about 55 degrees Fahrenheit). Excessive heat and temperature variations will damage the wine, so it is important to keep the temperature constant. Another important factor is the relative humidity. Storing the wine at relative humidity of 65-75% is ideal, as it will prevent the cork from drying, shrinking and letting oxygen into the bottle leading to oxidation of the wine.
Keeping the wine still is simply to allow the sediments to settle in the wine. This is also one of the reasons why keeping your wine in your refrigerator door is actually a bad idea.

This is to allow the wine to be constantly in contact with the cork. It will keep it moist and once again will stop the cork from drying, shrinking and letting oxygen into the bottle.

If you are serious about your wines, it might be worth investing in a wine cabinet. They come in all shapes and sizes, and vary in price.